Epipremnum aureum Neon (Golden Pothos)

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Size: 20-25cm overall height


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Epipremnum aureum has large, glossy green leaves with irregular cream and yellow streaks and blotches that are valued for their air-purifying qualities. Golden Pothos also tolerates lower light levels without losing its variegation.

Uplift Your Living Spaces


Benefits of House Plants

House plants can improve the air quality in your home by removing toxins and pollutants from the air. They can also increase the humidity in a room, which can be beneficial in dry environments. In addition to their practical benefits, house plants can also be aesthetically pleasing and can help to bring a sense of calm and relaxation to a space. Some studies have shown that being around plants can help to reduce stress and improve mood, and can even improve focus and productivity. Taking care of a house plant can also provide a sense of accomplishment and can improve your overall sense of well-being.

Plant Height

Epipremnum aureum is an evergreen vine growing to 20 to 25cm overall height.


The suggested pot size is 11–12 cm in diameter and 14 cm in height.​


Trim back about one-third of the plant to maintain its shape and encourage new growth


Add fertilizer once every two weeks to ensure your plant grows healthy and happy.


Moderate to high light is the sweet spot for a Neon Pothos. Just keep yours out of any hot, sunny windows. They’ll burn in no time. High light is fine but make sure it’s at least 8′ away from the (west or south facing) window.
They even grow well under fluorescent lights. Avoid hot, direct afternoon sun and keep the plant away from drafts. Neon pothos are vigorous growers and do well in hanging baskets or anyplace where their trailing vines can fall freely. Because they tolerate low light, Neon pothos plants can grow in a bathroom or office.
Pothos are rated one of the best houseplants for removing all indoor air toxins.