Strelitzia (bird of paradise) with Ceramic Pot

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Size: 60cm overall height



It is also known as the Bird of paradise. It has a cup shape, with characteristically large leaves grouped in clusters, and stunningly beautiful blue and orange flowers that look like a bird’s head.

Uplift Your Living Spaces


Benefits of House Plants

House plants can improve the air quality in your home by removing toxins and pollutants from the air. They can also increase the humidity in a room, which can be beneficial in dry environments. In addition to their practical benefits, house plants can also be aesthetically pleasing and can help to bring a sense of calm and relaxation to a space. Some studies have shown that being around plants can help to reduce stress and improve mood, and can even improve focus and productivity. Taking care of a house plant can also provide a sense of accomplishment and can improve your overall sense of well-being.

Plant Height

This is a small plant which comes at a height of 45 cm and can grow till 90 cm.


For ceramic pot the suggested size is 15.30 cm in diameter and 13 cm in height.​ For nursery pot the suggested size is 11–12 cm in diameter and 14 cm in height.​


Trim back about one-third of the plant to maintain its shape and encourage new growth


Add fertilizer once every two weeks to ensure your plant grows healthy and happy.


The Bird of Paradise is considered the queen of the indoor plant world. This large, upright plant adds a rich, tropical flair to your space as its glossy, banana-shaped leaves fan out.
The bird of paradise gets its name from the fact that its flower is made of three bright orange petals and three blue petals which are fused together into a single bud. As the flower blooms, each petal makes its debut and the resulting shape mirrors that of a tropical bird in flight.
Water Strelitzia once a week during spring and summer and once every two weeks in winter. If you position your plant in brighter, warmer spots, try to water it more.